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Gummies Available Listed Below
  Spec. AlienStarburst   Spec. American Star   Spec. Angel
  Spec. Autumn Leaf   Spec. Bear Paw   Spec. Bishop
  Spec. Blue Rose   Spec. Blue Snowflake   Spec. Butterfly
  Spec. Cauldron   Spec. Clover   Spec. Crescent
  Spec. Crow   Spec. Design   Spec. Earth
  Spec. Egyptian   Spec. Eight Ball   Spec. Elephant
  Spec. Eye   Spec. Flower   Spec. Ghost
  Spec. Goblet   Spec. King   Spec. Kiss
  Spec. Knife   Spec. Knight   Spec. Light Bulb
  Spec. Lucky   Spec. Man   Spec. Mask
  Spec. Moon   Spec. Music   Spec. Pentacle
  Spec. Pumpkin   Spec. Queen   Spec. Rainbow
  Spec. Rook   Spec. Royal   Spec. Silver Moon
  Spec. Spade   Spec. Spider   Spec. Star
  Spec. Sun   Spec. Sun Moon   Spec. Swirl
  Spec. Theater   Spec. Warning   Spec. Yellow Flower
  Spec. Yellow Rose
Quick Help and Select

Gummies are used to add an additional touch to posts and other comments made on various aspects of Ethereal Realms. Various options and styles are available to you and can be selected from the list of genres below.

Please note that contributor gummies are not available to all users. These are most often granted to those who have donated to the site or have been verified as being adults.