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  Alien   Asian Mask   Bat
  Bell   Biohazard   Bomb
  Boxes   Bull   Butterfly
  Carousel Horse   Celtic Cross   Cheese
  Cobra   Crop circle   Crown
  Diamond   Dog Tags   Dove
  Down Under   Dragon   Dragonfly
  Eclipse   Evil Face   Eye of Horus
  Face Hugger   Fan   Female
  Flower   Frown   Gecko
  Ghost   Glasses   Guitar
  Gun   Harp   Heart
  Heartagram   Horseshoe   Hourglass
  Jolly Roger   Knife   Lamp
  Light   Lightning   Male
  Maple Leaf   Mouse   Music
  Non-Smoking   Paw   Pentacle
  Rabbit   Radioactive   Scorpion
  Seahorse   Shield   Skull
  Skull and Crossbones   Smiley   Snow Flake
  Sphere   Spider   Spider II
  Spider Web   Stake   Star of David
  Story Teller   Sun   Target
  Tommy Gun   Trophy   Tulip
  Umbrella   Unicorn   Urban
  Water Drop   Wheel   Woven
  X Marks the Spot   Yin Yang
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Gummies are used to add an additional touch to posts and other comments made on various aspects of Ethereal Realms. Various options and styles are available to you and can be selected from the list of genres below.

Please note that contributor gummies are not available to all users. These are most often granted to those who have donated to the site or have been verified as being adults.