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CODE Ethereal Realms 4.3.2
By Ethereal Realms on 08-Apr-2007
Ethereal Realms 4.3.2 is now out into the wild. This release is what 4.3.1 should have been, however due to some security concerns the earlier release was made in order to allow other sites to continue.

This version includes improved OpenID support for both Consumer and Client and various other cleanups and bug fixes to make the release more friendly for hosts to implement anew.
CODE OpenID server support
By Ethereal Realms on 01-Apr-2007
Support for version 1.1 of the OpenID server protocol is still being worked on and if everything goes according to plan should be ready in the next few weeks.
CODE Ethereal Realms 4.3.1
By Ethereal Realms on 19-Mar-2007
To note Ethereal Realms 4.3.0 was a development release that never saw the light of day officially. 4.3.1 is what its unreleased cousin should have been given time and without the unexpected sea time.

The 4.3.1 release features a consistent menu structure across all scripts, OpenID consumer support as well as various fixes and cleanups when interacting with external sites.

The later feature is done as a request to certain sites which have been targeted as relays. These relays in turn were used for malicious attacks and should prevent most of the problems they have experienced. Since the site is not checking for the occurrence of these connections and preventing abuse of them, this should cause a drop in the
effectivenesses and/or use of Ethereal Realms for a proxy.

OpenID support is also the latest addition to the site. It is important to note that this will only work for new registrations and is not designed for authentication against existing users since OpenID is authoritative causing problems if the identifier bans you for example.

For more information on OpenID, please see [Link] for more information. Please note that this is also a first step, with identity provider being planned for the 4.3.2 release of the code itself.
CODE Ethereal Realms 4.2.2
By Ethereal Realms on 17-Sep-2006
Ethereal Realms version 4.2.2 has been released to the general public. This new release which offers a templated splash page, colour codes selection boxes, various fixes and the removal of the Ethereal::Table module.
CODE Ethereal Realms 4.2.1
By Ethereal Realms on 04-Sep-2006
Ethereal Realms 4.2.1 has been released! This new release is the first to completely template the administrative script in addition to a modified reset script which will make use of Email addresses instead of login names.

This release also includes the full donations script necessary to automate the process between PayPal donations and verification on the site.

For more details check the FAQ at Ethereal Realms.
CODE Ethereal Realms 4.2.0
By Ethereal Realms on 15-Aug-2006
Ethereal Realms 4.2.0 has been released. A few bug fixes, code cleanups, changes to the voting system, ability to disable Social Networking, Galleries and Homepage's along with a myriad of other tweaks.

This release should also be easier to install overall. Due to having to install from a 4.1.1 release, other changes were done to make it work better overall.

This release can be gotten from the usual sources.
6 of 6 entries