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SYSTEM OpenID Implementation
By Ethereal Realms on 15-Mar-2007
Ethereal Realms is currently in the process of implementing OpenID authentication into the scripts. This is however being tested and as a result authentication in general may fail and the ability to use OpenID may be hindered slightly until the base process has been chosen.
SYSTEM Kill Switch
By Ethereal Realms on 06-Aug-2006
Upcoming versions of Ethereal Realms will offer the ability to remove certain components of the system from being usable. These switches are located at script level which allows the administrator of multiple systems in controlling just what is available.

For more information on this feature, please check the FAQ.
SYSTEM Total System Failure
By Ethereal Realms on 20-Jul-2006
Ethereal Realms suffered a complete and total system failure. This was indirect in that the provider we use to host the scripts was hacked and all information pertaining to the site was lost.

This problem in itself is rather serious. All contributor accounts have been lost along with all associated information. Graphics, historical archives, Email and anything else stored on the servers was lost as well. The site is as a result currently in the process of rebuilding.

More details will be provided as it becomes available.
3 of 3 entries