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Packages that use PendulumListener

Uses of PendulumListener in org.lyra.Host

Fields in org.lyra.Host with type parameters of type PendulumListener
private  java.util.List<PendulumListener> Pendulum.Clients

Methods in org.lyra.Host that return PendulumListener
 PendulumListener[] Pendulum.getTimerListeners()
          Returns an array of all the TimerListeners added to this class with addTimerListener().

Methods in org.lyra.Host with parameters of type PendulumListener
 void Pendulum.addTimerListener(PendulumListener l)
          Adds an TimerListener to the updater.
 void Pendulum.removeTimerListener(PendulumListener l)
          Removes an TimerListener from the updater.

Uses of PendulumListener in org.lyra.Interface

Classes in org.lyra.Interface that implement PendulumListener
private  class PlayerCompactFrame.Interact
          The code separation from the user interface.
private  class PlayerPanel.Interact
          The code separation from the user interface.