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Packages that use UpdateEvent

Uses of UpdateEvent in org.lyra.Database

Methods in org.lyra.Database with parameters of type UpdateEvent
 void Library.hostUpdated(UpdateEvent update)
 void Audit.hostUpdated(UpdateEvent update)

Uses of UpdateEvent in org.lyra.Host

Methods in org.lyra.Host with parameters of type UpdateEvent
protected  void Updater.fireUpdateRequired(UpdateEvent update)
          Notifies all listeners that have registered interest for notification on this event type.
 void UpdateListener.hostUpdated(UpdateEvent update)
          Updates of host information as passed through this specific method.
 void Pendulum.hostUpdated(UpdateEvent update)
protected  void Status.updateByEvent(UpdateEvent update)
          An update variant that will extract information as necessary based on an event that has been generated.

Uses of UpdateEvent in org.lyra.Interface

Methods in org.lyra.Interface with parameters of type UpdateEvent
 void PlayerPanel.Interact.hostUpdated(UpdateEvent update)
 void PlayerOrganiserMenu.Interact.hostUpdated(UpdateEvent update)
 void PlayerOrganiserFrame.Interact.hostUpdated(UpdateEvent update)
 void PlayerCompactFrame.Interact.hostUpdated(UpdateEvent update)
 void LyraTrayIcon.Interact.hostUpdated(UpdateEvent update)
 void AlbumArtPanel.Interact.hostUpdated(UpdateEvent update)

Uses of UpdateEvent in org.lyra.LastDotFm

Methods in org.lyra.LastDotFm with parameters of type UpdateEvent
 void Snooper.hostUpdated(UpdateEvent update)