Package org.lyra.Interface

Class Summary
AlbumArtPanel Album art display is one of the primary reason why Lyra was integrated with the service.
CloseApplicationDialog Basic user interface allowing the user to confirm if they want to terminate execution.
Constants Constants exists exclusively to provide a consistent set of values between classes.
HostCreateDialog The ability to create and designate a host for connection.
LyraTrayIcon Class which will create a self-sustained TrayIcon component which can be used to have basic control and display information on Lyra when minimised.
ManageOptionDialog The ability to manage and control features of the application start though this interface.
PlayerCompactFrame Compact player interface without the song selection and management capabilities which exists in the regular interface.
PlayerOrganiserFrame The main display centre for the interface.
PlayerOrganiserMenu The menu structure can have a very complex amount of elements attached to it that would invariably render the primary display a more complex code element.
PlayerPanel This class serves as the primary interface for the PlayerOrganiserFrame class.
PlayerSearchToolBar A more advanced search capability that can be enabled by users of Lyra.
PlaylistSaveDialog The ability to save a playlist is not limited in scope.
ProfileFrame Interface to the service providing a profile of a specific album that the user has selected to see.
StatisticsAndFunctionsDialog A rather simplistic interface to the Statistical and Functions capability of our connection to the host.