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Uses of AbstractBlock in org.lyra

Fields in org.lyra declared as AbstractBlock
private  AbstractBlock Lyra.myBlock

Uses of AbstractBlock in org.lyra.Block

Subclasses of AbstractBlock in org.lyra.Block
 class InfiniteDialogImpl
          Infinite Progress bar which is used to indicate operations of the synchronisation process.
 class InfiniteProgressImpl
          The org.lyra.Widgets.InfiniteProgressPanel class is the preferred method for blocking the user interface.
 class NullBlock
          As the name implies, null block will not block anything.

Uses of AbstractBlock in org.lyra.Database

Fields in org.lyra.Database declared as AbstractBlock
private  AbstractBlock Library.Block

Constructors in org.lyra.Database with parameters of type AbstractBlock
Library(Ledger logger, Comptroller manager, Terminus host, AbstractBlock block, Status information, java.util.Map<java.lang.String,java.lang.String> lang)
          Primary constructor for this class.